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Freedom Riders were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated Southern United States in 1961. George Houser and Bayard Rustin conceived the Freedom Riders. They were part of a more significant freedom movement and helped to end segregation and discrimination on public transportation. The Freedom Riders were a diverse group, including both men and women. They mainly were middle-class college students who had graduated or were about to graduate

America was more than ready for the end of segregation. More people were on board with abolishing segregation than we may realize. So prepared that even white people were jailed because they wanted to try to end segregation. For example, David Fankhauser said, “Captain Ray came in and ordered us to move on; after the third time, he said move on, he said you’re all under arrest.” “David Myers and I were the first White Freedom Riders to be arrested and refused bail.”. I think that David Fankhauser and other White supporters were willing to lose their own freedom to support the movement because they knew that it was wrong and felt the need to do anything they could to prove that they felt for them. He wanted African Americans to keep believing and never lose hope. He wanted to let them know that people do have their backs, just a lot were afraid.

The violence led to the event being on television, which sparked and shocked those who had no idea it was taken this far. Even several orgs worked together to make the freedom rides occur after segregation was unconstitutional in 1946 and in 1960. These were: the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Congress of Racial Equality. The two orgs above joined together with others who wanted to end segregation to create the Journey of Reconciliation movement. The creators put safety at the center of this movement by including only men because they wanted to ensure that women and children from minds that were not ready for the change. Still, women stood by the men and participated in the rides.

Even though the journey had a lot of violence, Black Americans tried again and used television to their advantage. When people saw the brutality, public opinion turned against southern segregationists. So although this was a hard journey that started with peace but escalated into violence, the people of America couldn’t deny the point; Segregation was ignorant and instilled at a young age, and as people saw the truth, they realized that they realized that it was wrong.

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